1.1. Structure of the book

This manual includes the summary and three sections: "Theory", "Service" and "Repair".
 "Theory". This section contains the description of the device of knots, details, mechanisms and their interaction. Here you will find also the subsection "Technical Dictionary" in which special terms are explained.
 "Service". The detailed instruction step by step represents all necessary works. The subsection "Working Symbols" characterizes time expenditure on each action, degree of labor input and the danger to personnel and environment arising at work.
 "Repair". In the head of this subsection "Sequence of Works" all carried-out works are in detail described. The head "Practical advice" will help you when replacing knots and details and at emergence of not clear questions.
The section "Repair" contains also the subsection "Possible Malfunctions and Ways of Their Elimination" which helps to define the reason and to eliminate the most often found malfunctions of knots and systems.
Illustrations of the book give an evident idea of a design of knots and units and of the carried-out operations on their service and repair.
For the explanation of the main terms, definitions and the short characteristic of appointment and functioning of knots and systems heads "Technical dictionary" are entered into the book.
The model of execution of "The technical dictionary" is given below.

Block of cylinders. In it moving parts of the engine are located. For the majority of engines the block of cylinders is made of gray cast iron. On the block of cylinders such units as a starter, the generator, and knots of system of ignition are also installed.

The model of implementation of tables with the list of exact consecutive operations on maintenance and repair is given below as an example. It is here too specified what it is necessary to pay attention at repair to.

(30 000 km are 2 years old)
1. To dismantle an inlet collector. At the diesel: to dismantle the soaking-up pipeline. At both engines to disconnect an electrical wiring.
2. To turn off six bolts of a cover of a head of the block and to accurately remove it. If the cover strongly adjoins to a head, remove it, accurately tapping on it with a hand or the handle of the hammer.
3. For measurement of a compression and check of serviceability of valves of one of cylinders inlet and final valves have to be completely closed. For this purpose it is necessary to turn the camshaft to situation when both cams of the first cylinder (in the direction of the movement to the right) fall symmetrically into the top state (at the same time it is necessary to watch for FROM - marking). This situation corresponds to the top dead point.

The subsection "Possible Malfunctions" will help you to reveal breakages and defects on your car. The model of execution of tables of possible malfunctions of knots, units and systems, their reasons and ways of elimination is given below.
The subsection "Practical advice" allows to find quickly and effectively malfunction and to eliminate it. The model of execution of the table "Practical advice" is given below.