1.2. Maintenance and control

You will find regulations of carrying out maintenance in the end of the book. It is based on the schedule of service which producers of cars give to the company stations of car service. Besides, these regulations contain some preventive operations on service of those knots and details which are checked when carrying out checkup. Surely observe the servicing terms approved by the supplier.

Exit of compressed air
If at compression there is an air leak, in most cases the reasons of it the following:
1. The inlet collector or the case of the air filter is faulty (the last — because of malfunction of the inlet valve).
2. Laying of a head of the block of cylinders is faulty or there is a crack in a head of the block of cylinders.
3. The maslozalivny mouth or a tube is open for the maslomerny probe; walls and mirrors of cylinders or piston rings are worn-out.
4. At identification of hissing in an exhaust pipe — most likely, the final valve is untight.

It is necessary to remember that Mercedes fulfills the guarantee certificates given by firm only if your car in due time undergoes maintenance in a guarantee workshop.