1.3. Working symbols

"Tree" symbolizes the environment. This symbol is put in all cases when the carried-out operation or waste appearing as a result of its carrying out are harmful to the environment.
Various quantity of wrenches indicates degree of complexity of the performed works:
1 key — easy work;
2 keys — the serious work demanding the corresponding efforts;
3 keys — hard work.
"Hourglasses" designate approximate expenses of time for repair. Risks on hours correspond to a quarter of hour, the filled hours — 1 hour.
"Exclamation mark" indicates operations on which safety of operation of your car depends. If you are not sure that you will be able competently to perform these works — do not undertake them. It needs to be done in car service.
"Control symbol". This symbol noted works on preparation of the car for checkup. You will save time and money if perform the works on service and prevention noted by this pictogram before approach of term of checkup.
This pictogram designated operations on service of your car which are performed at car repair shops. All types of these works correspond to the official schedule of car service.