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10:11. Removal of the generator

1. Remove a wire from the negative plug of the rechargeable battery.

At a detachment of the rechargeable battery memory (for example, a code of radio) all electronic memory devices is erased.

2. Weaken a tension of a belt of the drive of auxiliary units and remove from a generator pulley. On cars with the V8 or V6 engine remove the fan with the viscous coupling. Turn off fastening of the generator to the engine, at the same time the last turn off a bolt to the left of a pulley.
3. It is more convenient to remove the generator from below the car therefore at first lift the car.
4. Remove the lower protection of the engine.
5. Remove a protective cover from a back part of the generator, turn off under it contact connections.
6. Do not forget about a wire of "weight".
7. Turn off and take out the top and lower fixing bolts of the generator. The inhaling moment at the subsequent assembly of 42 N · m.

Fig. 9.12. After an otvorachivaniye of the holding pins the generator from a motor compartment is more convenient to take out from below (the diesel engine)

8. Take out the generator (fig. 9.12) down.

The movement with the faulty generator
If the generator or the regulator of tension failed, nevertheless it is possible to continue the movement. The rechargeable battery will provide consumers with energy. Depending on a charge and capacity of energy of the battery has to last approximately for 5 h (if, of course, not to include powerful consumers).
1. Take out the generator socket that the battery was not discharged via the faulty generator or the regulator.
2. Needlessly try not to stop. Especially a lot of energy consumes a starter. At an opportunity move a setup.
3. Do not include heating of back glass, the fan and the radio tape recorder.
4. Include a screen wiper and windscreen washer only if necessary.
5. In night-time whenever possible do not use driving beam and fog lights.