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10.13.2. Replacement of lamps in headlights

All glow lamps in headlights are installed from a motor compartment. Before replacement of a lamp be convinced that the corresponding consumer is switched off. Replacement of lamps of marker lights does not break control of headlights. After replacement of all other lamps it is necessary to check (for STOA) installation of the corresponding headlight. When replacing lamps do not touch a flask: even the slightest traces evaporate and on a hot lamp it leads to turbidity of a reflector. Therefore for replacement of a lamp use a pure napkin.


Fig. 9.19. A reverse side of a headlight at uncovered. For descriptive reasons the headlight is removed from the car: 1 – passing beam; 2 – driving beam; 3 – dimensional light; 4 – index of turn; 5 – mechanism of the proofreader of a headlight

1. Depending on a design of a headlight turn a cover of a headlight of passing or driving beam counterclockwise and remove it or uncover a back part of the corresponding headlight, previously having unfastened the holding clips (fig. 9.19). If the car is equipped with a washer of headlights, previously remove a tank with the washing liquid near a left headlight.
2. Near and far light. Take out the socket from a lamp.
3. Take away the wire bracket holding a lamp and extend a lamp on yourself.
4. At installation of a new lamp pay attention to that its socle entered a reflector opening.
5. Dimensional/parking light. Take out a cartridge together with a lamp. Take out a lamp from the boss and replace. Establish a cartridge into place.