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10.13.3. Replacement of a lamp of a fog light


Fig. 9.20. After opening of two rotary holders access to a back part of a fog light opens: 1 – cover; 2 – lamp case clip; 3 – lamp case cover

1. From below a bumper at the level of a fog light open a cover. For this purpose take away two rotary holders so that the cover fell (fig. 9.20) down.
2. Press a clip on the case of a headlight and uncover.
3. Release a lamp clip from a hook and take out the plug from a lamp.
4. Take out a lamp.
5. Establish a new lamp so that its socle accurately entered a cartridge.

Timely replacement of glow lamps
Poorly burning lamp indicates that its flask is strongly polluted. Most often it happens to the lighting lamp of registration plate. In this case the lamp should be replaced. If after long service life the lamp fuses, replace along with it and serviceable on the other hand: experience shows that it will soon refuse too.