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10.13.4. Removal of headlights of head light

In view of high voltage all works with xenon headlights, including replacement of lamps, are recommended to be charged to experts of STOA. Therefore the order of removal only of halogen headlights is given below.


Fig. 9.21. After an otvorachivaniye of bolts of fastening (arrow) the protective panel 2 of a headlight 1 together with a sealant 3 it is possible to remove and arrange on connection with a wing. If the washer of headlights is established, it is in addition necessary to remove the hose connection 4 conducting to the washer mechanism. Before assembly carefully clear all details

1. Open a cowl, turn off fastening bolts about a headlight (fig. 9.21) on the right and at the left.
2. Carefully hook a cover of the mechanism of a washer of headlights (if it is established) by means of the screw-driver which is wrapped up by a rag, or the plastic tool.
3. Take away the external panel together with a sealant and leave on connection with a wing.
4. Turn off fastening bolts to the holder of a headlight above and below, and also from the headlight.
5. Remove a vacuum hose of the mechanism of the proofreader of headlights.
6. Separate electric shtekerny connections.
7. Remove a headlight forward.
8. The lens of a headlight it is possible to replace separately. For this purpose remove a sealant and unfasten clips on headlight perimeter. At assembly establish clips before characteristic click. The sealant is replaced together with the lens.
9. At the removed lens it is possible to replace also a reflector.
10. After installation of a headlight it is necessary to adjust on STOA.