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10.13.5. Approximate adjustment of light of headlights

The special measuring device therefore it is necessary to charge this work of STOA is necessary for exact adjustment of headlights. The similar service is offered by also some refueling complexes. Check and independently adjust light of headlights.
   Preparation of the car for approximate adjustment of light of headlights
1. The fuel tank has to be full. Otherwise put ballast in a luggage carrier (at half the filled tank — about 30 kg).
2. Driving there has to be an assistant (otherwise use ballast weighing 75 kg).
3. Pressure in tires has to meet standard.

Fig. 9.22. Adjustment of a beam of light of headlights

4. Install the car opposite to a wall. The distance from a wall to the car has to make exactly 5 m (fig. 9.22).
5. Strongly press a car front that the forward suspension bracket was established in a starting position.

1. Measure distance from a floor to the central point of both headlights. Postpone value on a wall and draw the S1 line.
2. In five centimeters under it draw a parallel line E on a wall. This deviation of passing beam during removal of 5 m.
3. Looking through back glass forward, ask the assistant precisely on the center of the car to draw a vertical line M.
4. Measure (at the left and on the right) distance between the middle of the car and the central point of headlights. Postpone these values on the auxiliary S1 line (from a point of intersection of lines M and S1 to the left and to the right) and note an adjusting cross of S2.
5. Precisely in 5 cm under these crosses have to be at adjustment the moments of a break of passing beam on the adjusting line E.
6. If the car is equipped with fog lights, for their adjustment follows by the similar principle to draw an auxiliary line with adjusting crosses (the central point of fog lights).