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10.13.6. Adjustment of headlights of head light

1. The regulator of the proofreader of headlights has to be in situation "0".
2. Adjusting screws are in a motor compartment.
3. Include ignition and passing beam.

Fig. 9.23. Screws of adjustment of headlights: 1 - screw of side adjustment; 2 - the adjustment screw on height

4. At first rotation of the screw of adjustment on height (is closer to outer lateral face of the car) achieve that the light spot of passing beam the horizontal border of light shadow coincided with the line E (fig. 9.23).
5. Rotation of the screw of side adjustment (is closer to car inside) achieve that the point of a break of a light spot of passing beam of headlights had precisely under adjusting crosses. At the same time the bunch of a break can settle down 15% above the line.
6. At adjustment also driving beam automatically is established.