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10.13.8. Replacement of a lamp in a back lamp

Fig. 9.24. The sorted back lamp in a back wing: 1 – index of turn; 2 – braking signal / dimensional/parking light; 3 – dimensional/parking light; 4 – shtekerny socket

When replacing the back fog lamps and a lamp of a backing placed in a trunk lid (fig. 9.24) it is necessary to be guided by subitem 2-4.

1. Open a luggage carrier, open the cap in a luggage carrier upholstery closing a back lamp.

Fig. 9.25. For replacement of a faulty lamp of a lamp of a backing or back fog lamps it is necessary to turn a cartridge (shooters) counterclockwise (to the left) and to take out from the lamp case

2. Turn a cartridge of a lamp counterclockwise (to the left) and remove from the case of a lamp (fig. 9.25).
3. Press a lamp in the boss a little down, turn to the left (counterclockwise) and take out from the boss.
4. At installation you watch that the boss at turn clockwise (to the right) accurately entered gearing.