10:13. Lighting

Constant control behind lighting devices
Replacement of lamps in headlights
Replacement of a lamp of a fog light
Removal of headlights of head light
Approximate adjustment of light of headlights
Adjustment of headlights of head light
Adjustment of fog lights
Replacement of a lamp in a back lamp
Removal of a back lamp
Replacement of a lamp in an additional signal of braking
Replacement of the lighting lamp of registration plate

Fig. 9.15. Specialists of Hella developed a design with the plastic lens who for the first time can be replaced for head headlights of the E-class. In comparison with glass execution the new design allowed to reduce weight by 1,5 kg

Headlights of head light differ not only externally (slightly oval form), but also is constructive. Chetyrekhfarny configuration allowed to dissolve near and far light. Both external big headlights of the E-class are responsible for passing beam and signals of turn, a headlight of smaller diameter — for distant and dimensional parking light. Fog lights are located in facing of a bumper (fig. 9.15).