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10.14.1. Check of devices of the sound and light alarm system

Alarm system. When pressing the button of the alarm system at the switched-off ignition all four indexes of turn, and also a control lamp have to blink synchronously.
Indexes of turn. Include ignition, press the switch of indexes of turn. Two alarm lamps on the one hand of the car and a control lamp in a combination of devices have to blink synchronously.
Braking signal. Put the car a back part closely to a garage wall, press a brake pedal. The wall has to be lit with red light. It is possible to check serviceability of signals of braking and during a trip at the movement in a dense stream. Looking in a rear-view mirror, it is possible to see reflection of the burning lamps of signals of braking on headlights and a paint and varnish covering of the car going a trace.