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10.14.2. Replacement of forward indexes of turn

1. Open a cowl.
2. In the top part of a headlight of passing beam turn to the left (counterclockwise) a cartridge of a lamp of the index of turn and take out from the headlight case.

Fig. 9.30. The established lamp of the forward index of turn has to be yellow color, otherwise the signal will be white

3. Press a lamp in the boss a little down, turn to the left and take out from a cartridge (fig. 9.30).
4. Insert a new lamp into a cartridge, turn to a zashchelkivaniye to the right.
5. Insert a cartridge into the case of a headlight and against the stop turn to the right.

Check of a light signal
At the included ignition press the understeering switch of light of headlights. Driving beam of headlights and the corresponding control lamp has to light up. If the light signal does not work though headlights at inclusion burn, it is necessary to check at first presence of tension on a wire of the main switch. If tension is, the understeering switch failed.