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10.14.4. If the relay of indexes of turn is faulty

At failure of indexes of turn the driver has serious problems, especially during the movement in a dense stream of transport or in night-time. If a cause of defect in failure of the relay, the next emergency way of a solution is possible.

1. The relay of indexes of turn is on a relay payment in the block of safety locks.
2. Slightly turning in different directions, take out the relay from a payment.
3. Establish a crossing point between conclusions "30" and "87" (are designated on the relay). For this purpose opposite to the corresponding conclusions insert a paper clip or a piece of a thin wire into contacts of the relay.
4. In such state at inclusion of indexes the understeering switch, lamps from the relevant party of the car will continuously burn.
5. Switching on and off indexes the understeering switch, it is possible to achieve the necessary blinking signal.