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10.14.5. Check and removal of signals of braking

At failure at once of both signals of braking usually the braking signal switch is the reason. It is in the top part of a pedal of a brake in space for the driver's legs. When pressing a pedal of a brake press the pin goes out of the switch case, contacts of the switch become isolated, in turn closing the chain conducting to braking signals. At a pedal otpuskaniye the pin comes back to the former place, lamps die away.

1. Remove an upholstery in space for the driver's legs.
2. Take out the switch socket.
3. Check an ohmmeter the switch. When pressing a brake pedal its contacts (4 mm) have to close a chain.
4. In the switch there is one more additional contact (disconnecting). The closing contacts near it it is less (2,5 mm). At a brake pedal otpuskaniye thanks to the disconnecting contact the chain is disconnected.
5. For removal of the plastic buffer of the switch press it by means of the screw-driver.
6. Turn the switch and take out.
7. Before installation press with a force (about 50 N) extend a switch pin up to the end.
8. Press a pedal of a brake and install the switch.
9. Screw the switch before click.
10. Release a brake pedal. The course will be established independently.
11. Check work of knot.