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10.15.1. Check of devices

Before a start of motion it is always necessary to consider indications in a combination of devices (the structure of indexes depends on modification of the car). At inclusion of ignition all control lamps have to light up. It is check of serviceability of lamps. In several seconds (4 with for a lamp of the SRS, 30 system with for the others) or after launch of the engine of a lamp have to go out, otherwise it is necessary to look for a cause of defect. Such check, especially upon purchase of the used car, can find possible malfunctions, point out the burning control lamps to them.

1. Index of temperature of cooling liquid. Behind some exceptions (the movement uphill with the trailer, fuel with low octane number) the arrow has to be out of a red zone. Since +130 °C cooling liquid begins to boil.
2. Index of level of cooling liquid. If the control lamp does not die away, the sensor in a broad tank or the top tank of a radiator worked. It is necessary to add cooling liquid (after recession of pressure). If soon after that the lamp lights up again, check tightness of system or the corresponding sensor.
3. Index of temperature of air. Temperature is defined by the sensor which is under a bumper and is reflected in a combination of devices. Indications depend on the speed of the movement and time from the moment of an engine stop. If the car stopped, at temperature increase the last indication remains. Indications begin to change only later a certain period. Temperature drop is reflected without delays.
4. Control lamp of indexes of turn. Both indexes in a combination of devices and a lamp of the switch of the alarm system have to blink synchronously at inclusion of a signal of turn. At towage of the trailer the control lamp of indexes of turn also has to blink.
5. Alarm lamp of the ASR and ETS systems. The index on a speedometer has to light up at the movement only if on the slippery road the wheel revolves.
6. Speedometer. Through several meters after start of the shooter has to begin to move. The speedometer drive cable in this car is absent.
7. Odometer and counter of a daily run. Both indexes have to change indications during the movement of the car. At the included ignition for zeroing of the counter of a daily run press its button once, at the switched-off ignition — two times.
8. Tachometer. The device shows the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the engine. It is necessary to avoid hit of the index in a red zone (excess of the maximum frequency).
9. Electronic clock. The installation handle on the right in a combination of devices.
10. Indicator of inclusion of driving beam. When signaling by driving beam or at inclusion of driving beam the blue indicator has to light up.
11. Index of level of oil. If at the working engine and temperature of oil more than +60 °C light up the index with a butterdish symbol, the level of oil fell to the lower tag on the masloizmeritelny probe.
12. Control lamp of the brake system. The red index with a symbol of brake shoes lights up at the switched-on parking brake and insufficient level of brake fluid in a tank.
13. The liquid level indicator in a washer reservoir. Lights up when in a tank there is about 1 l of liquid.
14. Indicator of wear of brake shoes. Lights up when braking if front brake shoes are worn-out. On cars with the ASR system sensors of wear are installed also on back blocks. If as a result of wear of blocks they concern a brake disk, the index receives short circuit of a chain on "weight".
15. Control lamp of charging of the rechargeable battery. After launch of the engine the lamp with a symbol of the battery has to die away. Otherwise the battery does not receive a charge or there was a break of a belt of the generator. At once stop the engine if the lamp does not die away even by easy pressing an accelerator pedal.
16. Control lamp of serviceability of external lighting. The yellow index with a symbol of a lamp lights up at faulty external lighting. Stop and check, if necessary replace the fused lamp.
17. Control lamp of the SRS system. Has to die away after testing of system at inclusion of ignition. Otherwise there was a malfunction in a safety cushion and natyazhitel of seat belts.
18. Control lamps of the ABS, ASR, ETS systems. If lamps burn at the movement of the car, the corresponding system failed. Carry out at the STOA station diagnostics of the corresponding controller by codes of malfunctions and consult on repair.
19. Indicator of system of prestarting heating. At inclusion of ignition the lamp burns until the engine is ready to start-up. If the lamp does not burn, the control indicator is faulty.
20. Indicator of a heater of back glass. The switch lamp on the central console has to light up at inclusion.
21. Control lamp of back fog lamps. At light switch pulling on two provisions in the middle the lamp of orange color has to light up.
22. Heating of seats. Control lamps have to light up at turning on of the on-off switch of system.