10:15. Control devices

Check of devices

The driver has to watch constantly technical condition of the car and control a situation on the road. Control devices are for this purpose intended. They represent the combination of devices consisting of three well readable round devices informing on the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the engine, speed of the movement of the car, temperature of cooling liquid and level of fuel, and also indexes of temperature of air, the general and daily run, hours which are built in the main round devices as liquid crystal indicators. The driver obtains other information in case of any malfunction: various control and alarm lamps which are usually not visible light up.
In E-class model the majority of parameters is controlled by electronic devices. The driver needs only to monitor indications of a small amount of indexes and control lamps.
   Lamps of pressure of oil and control of a safety cushion
The lamp of pressure of oil or control of a safety cushion has to light up only at inclusion of ignition approximately on 6 pages. If, on the contrary, the lamp does not die away, burns or blinks during a trip, in system of a safety cushion malfunction appeared. In this case follows immediately check for STOA.
   Sensors, wires and switches
In work of control systems there are also failures. Sometimes owing to damage of sensors or wires the faulty switch becomes the reason of incorrect information. If you established that many devices show the distorted data, perhaps, the generator tension regulator therefore tension in onboard network raises or goes down is faulty.