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10.16.1. Removal of a combination of devices

1. Unblock system of adjustment of a steering column and take out completely steering wheel forward.

Fig. 9.34. The combination of devices (1) can be taken out from the dashboard (3) by means of two adapted hooks (2), for example from bicycle spokes. Do not forget to extend up to the end steering wheel

2. On the left side remove the lower panel closing a combination of devices (fig. 9.34).
3. Press a combination of devices behind in the direction of a steering wheel.

Fig. 9.35. Glow lamps without socles (shooter) are installed in plastic cartridges which are fixed on a combination of devices on so-called bayonetny clips. For removal of these fine details it is better to use tweezers

4. It is possible to take out it by means of two specially bent bicycle spokes. Spokes carefully insert from above combinations, advance sideways to a bottom corner and get the bent ends, having turned on 90 °. If hooks were hooked for a combination of devices, extend its (fig. 9.35).
5. Having lifted a bracket on both shtekerny sockets, disconnect sockets.
6. Carefully take out sideways a combination, trying not to leave scratches on the top surface of the dashboard.

Malfunctions of a combination of devices
If any indexes of a combination of devices refused, at first it is necessary to check the block of safety locks. For check and repair of devices there are special repair shops