10:16. Combination of devices

Removal of a combination of devices

Again developed combination of devices has the following features:
1. Electronic speedometer. The electronic drive of a speedometer unlike the traditional mechanical drive by means of a cable allows to achieve the bigger accuracy of indications. It first of all concerns the lower range of speeds: usual speedometers begin to work only with the speed of 20 km/h. The device installed on E-class models shows speed since 1 km/h and facilitates thus reading of indications, for example in places with considerable restriction of speed. The speedometer obtains data from the ABS system control unit. In turn, it processes information from the sensor on the left forward wheel. Information on the passable distance is reflected in the liquid crystal indicator. Data are stored in memory of ROM of a combination of devices when ignition is switched off or the plug is removed from the battery. If in the absence of a key in the lock of ignition to press the button from the left lower side near a speedometer, approximately on 30 with indications of the passable distance, temperature and time on liquid crystal indicators will appear.
2. Index of level of fuel. Information on fuel level obtained from both parts of the fuel tank (on value of resistance of the lever sensor) is reflected in a combination of devices. At malfunctions the index of fuel shows "an empty tank", the alarm lamp of a reserve reserve of fuel does not burn.
3. Tachometer. The signal is removed the sensor from a flywheel of the engine and will be transformed in the Motronic system controller from sinusoidal to linear.
4. Lighting of devices. The so-called equipment of light pressure is used, at the switched-off lighting the maximum brightness of lighting of devices is reached.
5. Control and alarm lamps. Are placed sideways in corners of a combination of devices. In independence of modification lamps which if necessary can be replaced are established.
6. Index of pressure of oil. This earlier habitual index is absent. Pressure of oil is controlled indirectly on oil level.
The electronic payment of a combination of devices can be replaced only completely, except for the index of temperature of air (SA). The payment keeps on latches. Symbols of control lamps depending on model of the car have various execution.