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10.18.1. Control lamp of the SRS system

Constant functional readiness of system is checked by own controlling system. At inclusion of ignition the control lamp lights up for several seconds and then has to die away. If it does not occur or it burns during the movement of the car, in system there is a malfunction.

Safety cushions, prednatyazhitel of belts and independent repair
There are strict rules of transportation, storage of safety cushions and the organization of a workplace where removal and installation is carried out them. The matter is that the gas generator which, putting in action the solid explosive which is contained in it in case of accident and in fractions of a second filling a pillow, gets under the law on explosives. In this regard even at serial installation on production only specially trained experts on STOA are involved, mechanics on repair of safety cushions have special qualification. Considering told, we strongly recommend to refuse any independent repair of a safety cushion of the driver or the passenger. It concerns also tuning when, for example, the steering wheel gets off with a tree or skin. Works with safety cushions anyway have to be carried out only on STOA.
Front seats of the Mercedes car are equipped by the natyazhitel of seat belts working in case of accident. Prednatyazhiteli work under the influence of the gas generator activated as a result of giving of current. Independent repair of this system is forbidden. Works on installation and dismantle of prednatyazhitel have to be carried out by experts of STOA at observance of strict safety requirements.
Care during the works under the car
When performing body works it is not allowed to use without extra care an impact driver or the hammer in the field of roller mechanisms of seat belts — prednatyazhitel are very sensitive to vibrations and blows and can work. Therefore for safety before operation from below of the car it is recommended to take out a safety lock of prednatyazhitel and to wait 5 min. until condensers are discharged.
After accident check system and if necessary replace a pillow and forward seat belts.
At installation of system, removal of a steering wheel or welding works always you remember: details of system of safety cushions should not heat up to temperature above +100 °C.
Always stack elements of system of a safety cushion of the driver on soft fabric and never leave them unguarded.
Besides, they are sensitive to blows. When falling for a floor from height of 50 cm and more they are not suitable for further use.