10:18. System of safety cushions and prednatyazhitel of seat belts

Control lamp of the SRS system

The safety cushion is built in a steering wheel. It is filled with air as a result of explosive process for 1/30 pages. Already later 1/10 with it it begins to be blown off thanks to the openings which are in it. The safety cushion of the forward passenger of 170 l is filled with a gas generator and if necessary reveals, only if the place of the passenger is taken. Under a safety cushion of the forward passenger still the small ware box is provided.
The system of operation of prednatyazhitel of seat belts can be diagnosed.
Prednatyazhiteli of seat belts are on roller mechanisms of forward belts. The bringing device pushes up the piston which is connected through a metal cable with an axis of the roller mechanism of a belt. Thus, the belt stretches on a body with a force of 1200 N, interfering with weakening of a belt at accident. Safety cushions and prednatyazhitel of belts are put in action by the gas which in the Mercedes cars is formed from solid explosive.
If the electronic device of operation (in front of the transmission lever) distinguishes the car delay identical to blow at a speed of 15-18 km/h against a firm obstacle, on pyros current moves and under the influence of explosive process gas is formed. The system has an autonomous power supply from the condenser which gives current on pyros of gas generators even at failure of the battery at blow.