10.2. Starter

Fig. 9.3. Starter device: 1 – the case with a winding; 2 – bearing case; 3 – drive lever; 4 – traction relay; 5 – anchor; 6 – coupling of a free wheeling; 7 – case cover; 8 – brush holder; 9 – gear wheel

The device of a starter is shown in fig. 9.3.
1. When translating a key in the ignition lock in situation "start" from the ignition switch 50 plug tension on a chain moves on the traction relay located in the top part of a starter with compulsory inclusion and self-switching off of a gear wheel.
2. The lever of the drive attached to the relay moves a starter gear wheel on a shaft of an anchor and enters into gearing with a gear wreath of a flywheel.
3. When the gear wheel enters gearing, the magnetic switch through the main contact gives tension from the rechargeable battery. The gear wheel completely enters gearing with a gear wreath, and the chain becomes isolated — the starter begins to turn a bent shaft of the engine.
4. If the engine was launched and the key in the switch of ignition is released, magnetic field in a winding of the traction relay disappears. The lever of the drive is taken away in a starting position by a returnable spring. The gear wheel leaves gearing, and giving of tension on a starter is interrupted.