10:21. Assembly block of the relay and safety locks

Fig. 9.38. The assembly block of safety locks and the relay is on the left side of the car near the amplifier of brakes. In it the most part of safety locks is placed. For troubleshooting simplification the arrangement of safety locks is designated from a reverse side of a cover of the block: 1 – diagnostic socket; 2 – overload safety locks; 3 – safety locks; 4 – block cover

This major element of electric equipment in the car is in a back part of a motor compartment (fig. 9.38) at the left. In it five blocks of safety locks (F1/1–5), the diagnostic socket, the clock module and in the presence the ADS system controller are installed. From the lower party of the block of safety locks and the relay there are shtekerny combs marked in color. For removal of the socket it is necessary to press sideways movable latches. Some power connections have carving fastening.