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10.22.1. Replacement of a safety lock

1. In need of replacement of a safety lock it is possible to use plastic tweezers which are included in the package of the regular tool.
2. Take out tweezers the fused safety lock from contacts.
3. Insert a new safety lock of the same face value into contacts. You watch reliability of contact.
4. If the new safety lock at once fuses, find out according to tab. 9.1 whether the safety lock of smaller face value was established, than it is required.
5. If everything is correct, determine the electric device connected in a chain by the table and check it separately. If necessary use the corresponding electrical circuitry.

Replacement of a safety lock
1. If right after replacement again established safety lock fuses, check the corresponding chain.
2. Do not replace safety locks with a wire piece, a paper clip or other "bugs" at all. It is fraught with serious damages of system of electric equipment.
3. In the car always there has to be a set of spare safety locks (see tab. 9.1).

Table 9.1. The assembly block of the relay and safety locks in a motor compartment

   Block of safety locks of the module of lighting

Fig. 9.39. On the left side of the forward panel near the switch of light the block of safety locks which is responsible for devices of external lighting is installed. It is possible to uncover by means of the screw-driver

It is shown in fig. 9.39.
The safety locks entering the block are presented in tab. 9.2.

Table 9.2. Safety locks of devices of lighting

   The block of safety locks in a compartment of the rechargeable battery

Fig. 9.40. Other blocks of safety locks (2), including safety locks of an overload (1), are under a back seat near the rechargeable battery

It is shown in fig. 9.40.
The safety locks entering the block are presented in tab. 9.3.

Table 9.3. Safety locks of the block located in a motor compartment of the rechargeable battery

For what relays are necessary? Relays are used, first of all, in a chain of powerful power consumers. For this purpose there is the following basis: when giving current on a long wire via the switch losses of tension are formed. Besides, contacts of the switch because of high current experience strong strain. At inclusion in a relay chain on the switch small currents appear, at the same time not the consumer, but his relay directly joins.
Function of the relay.
If the team about inclusion comes not from the switch, and from devices of the assembly block in a motor compartment, there is a following: sensitive electronic devices cannot transfer high currents without damage threat.
At connection of the corresponding consumer "86" current given on contact become isolated in the relay on contact "85" "weights".
At the same time the magnetic coil closes contact, overcoming spring resistance, and closes a chain for "working current".
"Working current" in order to avoid power failure moves in the shortest way directly on contact of "30" relays and from there further — at the closed contacts of the switch — through contact "87" to the power consumer.
It is provided as well contact "87a". It is strongly connected to contact "87" and has the same function.

Search of malfunctions in the relay
1. The contact "30" always has to be energized if it not the relay whose consumer depends on another. For example: on the relay of the fuel pump current moves, only when the system of injection works.
2. For verification of tension on the relay take out it and a contact sampler with a lamp check contact "30" on a relay socle. If there is no current, conducting is faulty.
3. Remove the relay, "86" connect contact to the positive plug of the rechargeable battery, contact "85" – with "weight". Operation of contact in the magnetic coil of the relay has to be accurately heard, otherwise the relay is faulty.
4. The help at the faulty relay: take out the relay from contacts. Establish a crossing point in a contact payment of the relay between contact "30" and "87" of a paper clip or a short piece of a wire. Thus, the corresponding power consumer will be under the constant tension. For switching off it is necessary to take out a crossing point as the corresponding switch in this case is blocked.