10:22. Safety locks

Replacement of a safety lock

Current of a certain size therefore the wire of necessary section is brought to it is necessary for each electric device in the car. If current at connection of the additional consumer increases in a chain of this device or as a result of short circuit, the wire tests an overload. As a result the wire heats up and can even begin to melt if in time giving of current is not interrupted. For this purpose also safety locks are applied.
That the car at emergence of any malfunction did not remain completely deenergized, safety locks are distributed between various electric chains. Nevertheless connections between the battery, the generator, a starter and the switch of ignition are not equipped with safety locks.
   Safety locks with contacts of knife type
Safety locks of a flat form with contacts of knife type are installed in the Mercedes car. Two flat contact plates connected by a fusible insert are inserted into their plastic case.
Two main face values are used: in a motor compartment and under a back seat overload safety locks on 30 or 40 are established And. Safety locks of smaller value cover area from 7,5 to 20 And. For easy removal of safety locks in a regular set there is a special tool. Do not forget about timely replacement — spare safety locks are in the forward block of safety locks.
In the Mercedes car it can be installed to 56 safety locks.
   Arrangement of safety locks
The arrangement of safety locks in various modifications of the E-class depends on year of release and option of a complete set. The arrangement of safety locks in your car can be learned from the operation manual or an instruction on a cover of the block of safety locks.
Color of the plastic case of a safety lock corresponds to a certain most admissible value of current (And): brown – 7, 5; red – 10; blue – 15; yellow – 20; green – 30; orange – 40.