10:23. Electric circuits

Symbols on electric circuits

By drawing up electric circuits for display of electric devices and connections in Mercedes chose a new way: what was presented on one general scheme earlier for models of the E-class is divided into numerous functional groups. And this block allocated from the imagined general scheme contains all information necessary for understanding of the device of this group: names of devices, numbering of contact sockets, colors of wires, etc. The table with the used reductions and designations is given below.
Lack of these schemes — need to constantly thumb through pages for search of necessary intermediate connection.
   Creation of electric circuits
Laying of wires on schemes is shown schematically.

Electric circuits of the Mercedes car
Authors chose at discretion the most often used schemes. The one who wants to receive a complete set of schemes can advise to address to firm on sale of cars of Mercedes and to order a set.
Current supply.
At the top of the scheme the "plus" group is usually presented. Here current comes from a safety lock for which are specified designation of contacts, number and nominal rate.
Safety locks.
With alphabetic reference of "F" and the subsequent digital designation on the scheme in their contacts safety locks are shown. Numbering corresponds to their placement in blocks of safety locks and the relay.
For wires designations of their section are given.
Contact sockets,
as a rule, are designated on the scheme by the letter "X". The digital designation following further allows to determine by the table where this connection is placed in the car.
All details have alphabetic and subsequent digital reference on schemes. So, for example, the letter "A" designates devices, receivers, transmitters; "In" — sensors, temperature sensors; "Е" — lamps; "F" — safety locks; "G" — current sources; "H" — signaling devices; "K" — the relay; "L" — coils, inductive sensors; "M" — electric motors; "N" — control units; "R" — resistors; "S" — switches; "T" — ignition coils; "W" — contacts of "weight"; "X \— contact sockets; "Y" — valves; "Z" — places of the soldering in a plait of wires.
For designation of details the accepted symbols are used, at the same time position of all switches and contacts is shown for the motionless closed car with the switched-on parking brake.
Designations of contacts. Similar specified on schemes one - or two-place digital designations on the scheme, if necessary with additional letters, it is possible to find on contacts of connection of the corresponding details.
Details of a body, the engine and the transmission serve in electric equipment for short circuit of an electrochain and are called "weight". On schemes each contact of "weight" is designated by the letter "W".
Distinctions of modifications.
On schemes distinctions depending on modification and a complete set are also presented. Details are put into a frame, dotted with a point, and designated by an abbreviation (see the list of abbreviations). Conducting is not shown completely. If you found option of a complete set of your car, it is necessary to move according to the image it under a symbol of the interrupted conducting and to so establish connection.