10.3. Generator

The generator of high power with liquid cooling
Tension regulator

Fig. 9.4. Generator device: 1 – pulley of the belt drive; 2 – fan; 3 – a basic cover of the generator from the drive; 4 – stator; 5 – connecting bolt; 6 – a rotor with contact rings; 7 – back basic cover; 8 – the vypryamitelny block with diodes; 9 – plastic cover; 10 – tension regulator with the brush holder

The generator — a power source in the car (fig. 9.4). At the working engine it provides with the electric power all units and charges the rechargeable battery. Depending on model and a complete set on cars of the E-class generators of alternating current of various power can be installed.
Power is specified on marking of the generator. It is put in action from the engine by a belt. The generator develops alternating current. As the direct current is necessary for battery charging, for its transformation to constant the block on semiconductor diodes is installed. The last are very sensitive to high voltage.