10.7. Charging of the rechargeable battery

The removed battery should be charged once a month by means of the charger. Completely discharged batteries on a frost can freeze and burst, on the contrary, loaded well transfer cold.


Fig. 9.10. It is the best of all to do battery charging the similar device

1. The plug of a positive wire attach to the positive plug of the battery, negative — to negative (fig. 9.10).
2. Charging current has to make at first about 10% of capacity of the battery (for example, about 8 And for battery 74 A · w) and to decrease in the course of charging.
3. When charging battery a part of the distilled water evaporates. At the same time vials of hydrogen and oxygen are formed. They are taken away through air vents in a battery cover. At their mixing explosive gas is formed.
4. For this reason make sure that the place where the battery is charged, is well aired. It is especially important if high charging current is used.

Sparks at putting on and removal of plugs of the charger can become a gas cause of explosion. Surely observe precautionary measures.

5. The battery is completely charged if electrolyte density at two measurements made with a break at one o'clock does not change. After charging check electrolyte level in the battery. If necessary add the distilled water.