10.8. Removal of the rechargeable battery

Before removal of the rechargeable battery be convinced that you recorded a radio tape recorder code for protection against theft. At removal of the battery memory of all electronic memory devices of the car is erased.

1. On the sedan remove a pillow of a back seat, on the versatile person cast away a back seat forward.

Fig. 9.11. For dismantle of the battery at first remove a wire from the negative plug, then from positive

2. Remove a wire from the negative plug of the rechargeable battery that during the further works there was no short circuit (fig. 9.11).
3. Remove a wire from the positive plug of the rechargeable battery.
4. Take out a ventilating tube (if it is established).
5. Turn off and take out a bolt of fastening of the lower part of the battery.
6. Take out the battery.
7. At the subsequent installation you monitor reliable fastening of the battery (jolting during the movement can damage lead electrodes of the battery).
8. At first attach the positive plug, then negative. It is impossible to mix plugs of wires as contacts of poles of the battery have different diameter.
9. Establish into place a ventilating tube (if it is provided).
10. Apply special structure or vaseline on plugs.
11. Enter a radio tape recorder code.