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10. Electric equipment

Rechargeable battery
 The battery — the energy store
 The generator of high power with liquid cooling
 Tension regulator
Check of level of electrolyte in the rechargeable battery, service of contacts.
 Service of contacts
Check of a charge of the rechargeable battery
 Voltage measurement
 Condition of the rechargeable battery according to indications of the areometer
 Condition of the rechargeable battery according to indications of a multimeter
Launch of the engine from the external power supply
Charging of the rechargeable battery
Removal of the rechargeable battery
Detection of the faulty consumer
Check of the regulator of tension
 Possible malfunctions of the rechargeable battery, their reason and ways of elimination
Removal of the generator
Removal and installation of a starter
 Possible malfunctions of a starter, their reason and ways of elimination
 Constant control behind lighting devices
 Replacement of lamps in headlights
 Replacement of a lamp of a fog light
 Removal of headlights of head light
 Approximate adjustment of light of headlights
 Adjustment of headlights of head light
 Adjustment of fog lights
 Replacement of a lamp in a back lamp
 Removal of a back lamp
 Replacement of a lamp in an additional signal of braking
 Replacement of the lighting lamp of registration plate
Sound and light alarm system
 Check of devices of the sound and light alarm system
 Replacement of forward indexes of turn
 Replacement of repeaters of the index of turn
 If the relay of indexes of turn is faulty
 Check and removal of signals of braking
 Removal of a sound signal
 Check of a sound signal
 Possible malfunctions of a sound signal, their reason and ways of elimination
 Possible malfunctions of a signal of braking, their reason and ways of elimination
 Possible malfunctions of the alarm system and indexes of turn, their reason and ways of elimination
Control devices 
 Check of devices
Combination of devices
 Removal of a combination of devices
Tempomat (cruise control)
 Principle of work
System of safety cushions and prednatyazhitel of seat belts
 Control lamp of the SRS system
Wires and safety locks
Color designation of wires
Assembly block of the relay and safety locks
Safety locks
 Replacement of a safety lock
Electric circuits
 Symbols on electric circuits

The rechargeable battery, the generator and starter provide launch of the engine, each of them performs the function and is connected with the others. So, without rechargeable battery it is impossible to include a starter, without starter the engine and the generator will not begin to work. Without generator recharge of the battery is impossible.

Basic concepts
The closed chain is necessary for passing of electric current. It consists of a source (for example, the rechargeable battery), consumers (lamps, a starter) and wires by which are connected a source of current and consumers.
Tension is a potential difference, is measured in volts (In).
Current characterizes the size of the electric charge postponed through the section of the conductor for a unit of time, is measured in amperes (And).
Power — the work of tension and current which shows what electric work the source of current makes in relation to the consumer is measured in watts (W).
Resistance which is shown by an electric chain (conductor) to the electric charges moving in it. This relation of the tension attached to resistance, to current, proceeding on resistance, a unit of measure — Ohm.
Wire. Thickness of a wire (cross-sectional area) depends on the consumer. For a control lamp there is enough section of 0,5 mm2, the wire with a section of 16 mm2 is necessary for a starter. Too thin wire can overheat therefore tension falls. In this case headlights are reached, for example, not by(with) 12 V, but 10 or even 9,5 Century. As a result light of headlights becomes dim.