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11.1.1. Elements of automatic system of heating (HAU)

Temperature sensor in salon is installed in a forward plafond of illumination of salon. For bystry fixing of fluctuations of temperature in salon internal air is constantly pumped over via the sensor — for this purpose on it the small fan is installed. Temperature irrespective of the speed of the movement of the car is constantly maintained in salon at the level of a preset value.
Sensors of temperature of a radiator are installed on the heater case under the dashboard behind each of two radiators. They determine temperature directly behind radiators and transfer information to the block of automatic adjustment. In the last signals from temperature sensor in salon and from each of sensors on radiators with the set ratio are processed. So the actual value of temperature in salon is defined. For commission of this or that adjustment the actual value is compared to set. For strengthening of heating the heater fan serves. Speed of operation of the fan is regulated by an electronic control unit.
The filter of purification of the air coming to salon from dust. With its help the pritochny and recirculated air is filtered. The replaceable element of the filter is located directly in front of the fan. Depending on the size of particles of dust degree of a filtration can reach 100%. The filter consisting of polycarbonate carries out also electrostatic filtration. It is tolerant to water and has the small resistance of air. Cleaning of the filter is impossible.
The taken-away air from salon behind the back shelf passes through an opening between a body and a plastic upholstery for the right back upholstery of a luggage carrier. Via the ventilating gate under the right side part of a damping rack he is brought outside.