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11.1.2. Check of work of system of heating and ventilation

At malfunction in system of adjustment of heating or in the dual valve the valve remains open. For definition of the reason it is necessary to check devices of system of adjustment of heating in turn.

"15 000 km Annually"
1. Check a safety lock No. 5 (see. "Electric equipment")
2. Check the dual valve: install temperature regulator on dashboards in situation "cold".
3. Take out the socket from the valve, connect a sampler lamp between gray-red and brown-violet or brown-red wires.
4. Include ignition.
5. At serviceable system of adjustment in a chain there are tension and a lamp will light up.
6. Return check: turn the regulator in situation "heating" – the lamp of a sampler has to go out.
Conclusion: if the chain of giving of tension as it should be, but malfunction in system of heating is not eliminated, the reason — the faulty dual valve (internal resistance of 11-19 Ohms). Replacement is necessary.
7. If when checking tension in a chain is not present, measure tension in a chain between the bringing wire (gray-red) and "weight" (for example, on the block of cylinders).
8. Include ignition. If there is no tension — giving of current from a safety lock is interrupted.
9. Check of contact of "weight" (from the control unit): connect the voltmeter between contact "30" and a brown-violet or brown-red wire of the contact socket. At the included ignition (the regulator) the device has to show value of tension of the battery in the provision "cold". Otherwise one of elements of system of adjustment of heating (the sensor of temperature or the control unit) or a wire is faulty.
   Check of the sensor of temperature
10. Previously it is necessary to remove facing of the central console.
11. Connect an ohmmeter between both contacts at first of the right, then left sensor. At various values of temperature there have to be following values of resistance:
– at the air temperature of +20 °C – 10–13 Ohms.
– at a temperature in a hand of +30 °C — about 8 Ohms. Otherwise replace the sensor.
Check of giving of tension on the control unit
12. Remove the regulator.
13. Connect the voltmeter to conclusions "11" and "12" sockets behind the regulator. At the included ignition the device has to show values of tension of the battery. Otherwise check a giving chain, including a safety lock.
   Check of the regulator
14. By own efforts it is impossible to check serviceability of the regulator. Authors proceed from the following: if giving of tension, the valve and the sensor of temperature as it should be, a cause of defect of system of adjustment in the control unit.