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11.1.3. Replacement of the filter of the air coming to salon

As the filter structurally is not subject to cleaning, its regular replacement through each 30 000 km of a run is necessary. At operation of the car in zones with the increased dust content the thicket is recommended to change the filter.


Fig. 10.2. Bolts of fastening (arrow) of the top upholstery of the dashboard in space for legs of the forward passenger

1. Remove the top upholstery under the dashboard (fig. 10.2).
2. Shift above two white plastic clamps.
3. Uncover the filter.

Fig. 10.3. The filter (3) of the air coming to salon is taken out after clamps (1) of fastening of a cover are shifted (2)

4. Take out the filter 3 (fig. 10.3) from a niche. Remember its arrangement.
5. Clear the heater case of dirt.
6. Insert the new filter, observing correctness of installation, and close a cover.