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11.1.5. Search of malfunctions of the fan

1. If the fan does not work at the included ignition at any position of the switch, first of all it is necessary to check the corresponding safety lock No. 25 (see. "Electric equipment").
2. If a safety lock as it should be, check the fan gearshift for what remove the control unit.
3. Include ignition.
4. Connect a lamp sampler or the voltmeter to "weight" and check presence of tension on wires, suitable to the switch. For this purpose puncture isolation with a contact needle.
5. On a black-red wire (giving of tension) the lamp has to burn anyway, and the voltmeter has to show value of tension of the rechargeable battery. On wires with green isolation with additional strips of other color — only at the relevant provision of the switch.
6. If something functions not as it is described above, eliminate malfunction in the bringing conducting or replace the switch.
7. If conducting and the switch are correct, remove the fan (see. "Removal of the fan").
8. Check giving of tension to the fan electric motor for what connect a lamp sampler or the voltmeter one wire to "weight", to others — to contact of connection of a green-gray or red wire to an electric motor. If there is no tension, check conducting.
9. Check tension between two contacts of connection of the electric motor of the fan, at the same time install the switch of the fan in situation "5". The voltmeter has to show 12 Century.
10. If tension is, but the fan does not work, it is faulty. Replace the fan.
11. If there is no tension, the reason in a safety lock.
12. If the fan works only at some speeds or only at a speed "5", perhaps, switch resistors failed.
13. Remove the block of resistors in the assembly block. Carry out a visual inspection. If one of resistors fused, replace all block of resistors. On cars with the conditioner, sideways on the electric motor of the fan the electronic regulator of frequency of rotation is installed.