11:10. Removal of loudspeakers

In front
1. Hook outside a triangular protective lattice a wooden or plastic subject 1-2 cm wide.
2. Disconnect the contact socket of the loudspeaker.
3. Bring the loudspeaker out of gearing, shifting towards a frame of side glass.
4. Remove a pillow of a back seat.
5. Completely remove a back of a back seat.
6. On both sides remove an upholstery of back racks.
7. Remove the back shelf.
8. Disconnect contact sockets of loudspeakers.
9. Disconnect cases of loudspeakers (from a luggage carrier).
10. Press clamps of fastening of loudspeakers and take out loudspeakers.

Fig. 10.15. At the return installation the high-frequency loudspeaker needs to be inserted into the openings shown by shooters

In forward and back doors

Fig. 10.16. Position of the loudspeaker in a forward door. After removal of an upholstery of a door it is possible to dismantle the loudspeaker

11. Remove an upholstery (fig. 10.16) doors (see. "Body").
12. Disconnect conducting sockets.
13. Unscrew fixture of loudspeakers on perimeter.