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11.11.1. Replacement of other lamps

Illumination in antisolar peaks

Fig. 10.20. Sofitny lamps in antisolar peaks are established in spring contacts (arrow)

The screw-driver hook a cover (an opening in the lower edge) (fig. 10.20).
Illumination of a ware box

Fig. 10.21. Replacement of a lamp in a ware box

For replacement of a sofitny lamp take out the lamp from a niche (fig. 10.21).
The lamp in a luggage carrier

Fig. 10.22. Replacement of a lamp in a luggage carrier

At an open luggage carrier press the lamp behind, take out it from a niche and replace a sofitny lamp (fig. 10.22).
Illumination of a combination of devices
Lamps with a glass socle for lighting and absolutely small lamps are established in a combination from within. Therefore for their replacement at first it is necessary to remove a combination of devices.
Lighting of switches
Illumination lamps partially fixed are also replaced together with switches. Lamps with a glass socle and plug-in contacts, however, are installed in some switches. For their replacement at first take out the switch from the dashboard.
Publicizing of management of system of heating
For the fan and distribution of streams of air take out both rotary switches the nippers which are wrapped up by fabric. Outside sideways on an axis of switches there is a small white cover. Shift it and replace by means of the sharp tool the lamp established under it with a glass socle.
Lighting of the switch of light
Take out the rotary switch. Under it there is a lamp with a glass socle which has to light up at inclusion of back fog lamps.
Illumination of an ashtray
Take out a plug-in element of an ashtray. Under the lighter the lamp with a glass socle is sideways established. Carefully replace it by means of the tool which is wrapped up by fabric.
Selector of the automatic transmission
Turn off facing of the central console and raise a little. Ahead on the left side from the mechanism of switching there is a plug-in boss of a lamp with a glass socle.

Replacement of lamps
If recently replaced lamp ceases to burn, it not always means that it fused. As a rule, by old cars corrosion often prevents passing of current to the boss of a lamp. In this case the lamp will light up if to move it in the boss. In this case clear contacts of the boss and lamp. Check reliability of contact of a lamp with the boss.
Lamp sampler it is easy to check whether tension on a cartridge moves. For this purpose find a lamp on the electrical circuitry and check its chain.
If before installation of a lamp you touched by open hands of a glass flask, surely then wipe it with pure fabric because the remaining traces of moisture then evaporate from a hot lamp that leads to turbidity of the lens.
On a payment of a combination of devices current to lamps passes on flat copper connecting paths. If the arisen scratch interrupts such path, it is possible to make in this place a crossing point of a wire piece, having soldered its ends from two parties of scratch.