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11.12.1. Removal of front seats


Fig. 10.23. For removal of a head restraint press a clamp (shooter)

1. Remove head restraints. For this purpose press the button of a clamp and take out them from a back (fig. 10.23).
2. Move a seat forward.

Fig. 10.24. After removal of facing of the mechanism of fixing the belt can be turned off in the place shown by an arrow

3. Disconnect facing of the mechanism of fixing of a seat belt from a seat (fig. 10.24).
4. Turn off a belt. To pay attention to an arrangement of rollers.
5. Below remove protective facing of the directing runners.

Fig. 10.25. Turn off fastening of seats from runners behind

6. Behind turn off a seat from runners. For this purpose use a face head of TORX E12 (fig. 10.25).
7. Shift a seat back.

Fig. 10.26. A forward part of the directing runner of a front seat: 1 – runner; 2 – a bolt with TORX E12 head; 3 – cap

8. Hook the screw-driver of a cap 3 (fig. 10.26) runners and remove them.
9. Turn off fastening bolts with TORX head in a forward part of runners.

Fig. 10.27. At the return connection of the contact socket (shooter) pay attention to reliability of connection, otherwise malfunctions, for example in a heating system are possible

10. Separate contact sockets (fig. 10.27).
11. Remove a seat.
12. At the subsequent assembly you watch correctness of installation of the directing pins. Fastening of a seat belt wrap the moment of 35 N · m, seats – 50 N · m.