11:13. Check of seat belts

Fig. 10.29. On T-models (station wagon) the pillow of a back seat needs to be removed from loops (arrow)

If natyazhitel of forward seat belts worked in case of accident, their replacement is necessary. For check remove an upholstery of an average rack and check whether color marking on a cable is visible. If the mechanism of natyazhitel worked, pistons as a result of reaction were displaced up and length of a cable changed. It is possible to carry out an inspection and on a maintenance station, by means of computer diagnostics. For removal of forward belts it is necessary to remove an upholstery of average racks (fig. 10.29); for removal of back seat belts — a pillow and a back of a back seat, and also an upholstery of back racks.

Fig. 10.31. The mechanism of natyazhitel of forward seat belts is behind an upholstery of average racks: 1 – edging cord; 2 – natyazhitel of a belt; 3 – roller mechanism; 4 – contact socket

Check of seat belts
At malfunction of a seat belt usually there is no need for replacement of all knot assembled. The roller mechanism and the lock are replaced separately. That at the right time belts were in good repair, they need to be replaced in the following cases:
– when the belt has wavy folds;
or – if belt edges are worn-out;
– attritions on fabric are found;
– there are breaks of seams.
The polluted belts can be cleaned only weak soap solution. Gasoline chemical cleaners destroy structure of fabric.