11.2. Conditioner

Principle of operation of the conditioner

The conditioner provides in interior of the car temperature below surrounding air temperature and reduces humidity of air in salon. It works in the Reheat mode. It means that pritochny air at first is cooled with the switched-on conditioner, and then it is carried to desirable temperature. Thanks to this combined function the misted glasses in the car quickly dry.
   Automatic system of control of temperature (TAU)
The automatic system of control of temperature represents advanced system of automatic heating due to additional function of cooling. Working elements and system of air ducts are similar to basic execution. When pressing the additional EC button the compressor of the conditioner is switched off and the red light-emitting diode lights up.

The conditioner consists of the compressor of coolant, the condenser, a throttle, the evaporator, the drainage tank and pipelines of high pressure. In system coolant which depending on temperature and pressure is in liquid or gaseous state circulates.
It is put in action by the belt drive from the engine and increases pressure in system of circulation approximately to 20 bars. As a result coolant in gaseous state heats up.
Here flowing air assumes heat, coolant is cooled, condensed and turns into liquid state.
Further coolant proceeds through a throttle which dumps pressure. Coolant evaporates and once again is strongly cooled.
In this device coolant accepts warmly stitched air, and air is cooled. The evaporator is in the heater case before a radiator of system of heating. The cooled air goes to interior of the car. Under the influence of heat accepted in the evaporator coolant turns into gaseous state again and with a low pressure moves in the compressor again. The circle of circulation becomes isolated.
In this mode the system spends less fuel, automatic adjustment of frequency of rotation of the fan and control of gates remain. Temperature in salon cannot be lower surrounding, moistening of air does not happen.

   System climate control (KLA)
Advantage of climate control in comparison with the conditioner consists in a possibility of inclusion of the additional Auto mode. And there is a possibility of separate adjustment for the driver and the passenger. At activation of the mode the volume of the given air and its distribution are regulated completely automatically. If the mode is not activated, it is possible to regulate manually, or separately, as well as at usual heating and ventilation, or for both parties at the same time.
Climate control is a part of the system also the filter with absorbent carbon for absorption of smells. It can be established also in other complete sets, in addition to the filter of purification of air. Thanks to it smells are filtered.
The sensor of carbon oxide (SO) distinguishes the high content of harmful impurity in air, and the system switches in the recirculation mode. On the display the inscription "Smog" appears.
Are considered by system also this from the sensor of a sunlight which is located in the center of the lower edge of a windshield. For example, at a strong sunlight and temperature of external air above +19 °C value of the preset temperature in salon goes down.