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11.4.1. Search of malfunctions of window regulators

1. At refusal of window regulators first of all check safety locks under a back seat.
2. If everything is all right, remove and check the switch.
3. If the switch is serviceable, check the wire going to a door. For this purpose remove a door upholstery, take out the socket and at the pressed switch check presence of tension on the electric motor. "Plus" and "minus" on a wire have the changing polarity depending on that, glass rises or falls.
5. If with tension everything is all right, then the failed electric motor remains the possible reason. Replace it.
6. The complicated course of one of glasses can be caused by jamming in door guides.
7. If only back window regulators do not work, check the switch of protection against children.
8. If all options are tried, malfunction is connected with the relay of system of comfort or system of the central blocking.