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11.4.2. Repair on the way

If the window regulator refused on the way, there is no need to move with an open window, especially in bad weather. The situation can be corrected, it is important only that the electric motor of a window regulator was serviceable and also that near at hand there were two wires of sufficient length.

1. Remove a door upholstery (see. "Body").
2. Separate the contact socket of an eyeliner to an electrowindow regulator.
3. Attach the ends of spare wires respectively to positive and negative plugs of the rechargeable battery, at the same time avoid contact with the bared wires.
4. Attach the free ends of wires to the socket conducting to the window regulator mechanism, – the electric motor will begin to lift glass. If glass began to fall, change polarity.
5. If nevertheless the electric motor is faulty, disconnect fastening of glass from the window regulator mechanism.
6. Extend glass up and attach a piece of an insulating tape or an adhesive tape to a door frame.