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11.5.1. Opening in emergency

Fig. 10.9. It is possible to get access to the locking mechanism (1) of the hatch of the fuel tank, having removed the right side upholstery of a luggage carrier. If because of malfunction in system of the central blocking the hatch does not open, pull for a pusher (2) on an arrow. In this case the assistant has to open the hatch at the same time outside

At failure of the central blocking of a door open and closed in mechanically usual way. The cover of the hatch of the fuel tank can be opened, having released the locking mechanism for what it is necessary to remove a luggage carrier upholstery on the right side (fig. 10.9).
   Pneumatic mechanism of management

Fig. 10.10. Under a back seat to the right of the rechargeable battery under a separate cover the mechanism of management of system of the central blocking is installed: 1 – working pump; 2 – pneumoaccumulator; 3 – a vacuum hose with the socket; 4 – the distributor with contact sockets; 5 – contact socket

The working pump 1 (fig. 10.10) systems which is in a compartment of the rechargeable battery under a back seat has the factory designation "pneumatic mechanism of management" as it performs other functions. So, it provides the tank of pressure (depression) used for the drive of adjustments of an orthopedic seatback, and also the conditioner. In addition it serves for support of the systems using pressure of system of an admission. If, for example, in the tank depression decreased to 400 Mbar, the pump is activated by the switch from the valve of pressure and works before establishment of value of 600 Mbar.
If the pump is not switched-off, any of systems is untight. Depending on a complete set in the car it can be installed up to four pneumatic mechanisms.