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11.5.3. Search of malfunctions in system of the central blocking

1. At first find out in what of parts of system there was a malfunction: in electric equipment or pneumatics. For this purpose listen whether the pump at turn of a key or pressing of the button of remote control turns on behind.
2. If the pump does not work, check giving of tension. Perhaps, the pump works when closing from other place. It indicates probability of failure of the corresponding contact of inclusion or separation of connection of its conducting.
3. If the pump works, but blocking does not happen, the system is untight. Perhaps, the hose somewhere was disconnected or the crack in a membrane of one of drive mechanisms appeared.
4. For simple definition of the place of depressurization take out all rugs from salon and in turn take out contact sockets of the hoses conducting to mechanisms of doors. At the same time block connection of a hose in the direction of the pump.
5. If blocking suddenly works, search of leakage should be conducted in just disconnected contour.
6. If blocking does not work on any one door, check a free wheeling of the mechanism of the drive of the lock. On the mechanism of the hatch of the fuel tank check a free wheeling of the locking pin in the directing plug.