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11.6.2. Dismantling of a rear-view mirror

Both external rear-view mirrors are equipped with electric adjustment. Switching is carried out by the handle on the central console. Mirrors are fixed outside on doors by three bolts. For access to bolts of fastening put a mirror back. The case of a mirror is taken out outside.

1. Replace mirror glass as it is described below: at first press mirror glass from within forward.

Fig. 10.11. For access to a spring bracket (2) fastenings of the case (1) put a mirror back. The mirror assembled fastens to a door three bolts (arrow)

2. Put a mirror and the screw-driver slightly wring out outside a spring bracket 2 (fig. 10.11), holding the mirror case.
3. Take out outside the mirror case.

Fig. 10.12. A rear-view mirror with the removed case: 1 – contact of a heater of a mirror; 2 – mirror glass; 3 – adjustment drive electric motor. For replacement of glass of a mirror release a spring (shooter)

4. Bring out of gearing a spring from the top party of glass 2 (fig. 10.12) mirrors.
5. Disconnect the wires going to a mirror heater.