11.8. Check of a heater of back glass

The chain of a heater of back glass is protected by a safety lock No. 19 in the assembly block near the rechargeable battery and receives tension at short circuit of contact of the corresponding relay in the kombi-relay. It occurs when pressing the switch located on the dashboard (the control lamp lights up) and only if tension in onboard network exceeds 11 Century. Control is provided by electronics of the kombi-relay. If at the included heater of back glass ignition was switched off, the heater should be included again. If the heater of glass does not work, act as follows.

1. Check a safety lock No. 19.
2. Take out an upholstery of the right and left back racks from latches. Approximately in 20 cm from bottom corners from each party there are contact sockets of connection.
3. Check reliability of these sockets. If on a black wire there is tension, but glass is not warmed, there is no contact with "weight". Check the socket and conducting.
4. Take out the on-off switch of a heater from the dashboard and a sampler check presence of tension at the included ignition on a black-flavovirent wire. Whether tension on a black wire at turning on of the switch moves?
5. Check whether tension in the relay from contact "30" on contact "87" moves. For this purpose remove the relay and establish a crossing point. If the heater began to work, the kombi-relay is faulty. Replace the kombi-relay or install the additional separate relay in a heater chain.
6. If threads of a heater are damaged by sharp objects on the back shelf (for example if only part of them works), for repair it is possible to use the carrying-out silver varnish, for example the Doduco brands (is on retail).