11.9. Removal of the radio tape recorder

This description concerns only the regular radio tape recorder. Nevertheless it must be kept in mind that depending on year of release and a complete set of the car its installation can differ from brought further.

1. Make sure that at you it is written down or you remember a code of blocking of the radio tape recorder.
2. Disconnect wires from the rechargeable battery.
The radio tape recorder with four openings on each side in the forward panel
3. Insert brackets (are usually enclosed in a radio tape recorder set) for removal into four openings and take out the radio tape recorder from the central console.

Fig. 10.13. For removal of the radio tape recorder (1) it is necessary to unclench side springs (2) fastenings in an opening of the central console. In the absence of the necessary tool it can be made a knife (3) with a narrow edge, having removed previously an ashtray

Fig. 10.14. Much more conveniently instead of a knife to use the enclosed original removable devices

4. For release of spring clips it is also possible to use four suitable nails or pieces of a wire (fig. 10.13 and 10.14).
5. Take out the radio tape recorder forward, if necessary in addition remove an ashtray and through an opening press from below.
The radio tape recorder with vents in bottom corners
6. Insert removable devices into openings. Side springs at the same time are wrung out. If necessary it is possible to wring out springs a thin edge of a penknife, at the same time pressing the radio tape recorder behind.
7. Take out the radio tape recorder from a niche.
8. Take out the socket, if necessary having noted situation.
9. At installation connect an antenna cable and the contact socket behind the radio tape recorder, move the radio tape recorder against the stop.
10. At a vdviganiye you watch that the fastening pin from the back party of the radio tape recorder precisely understood a starting position.
11. Enter a radio tape recorder code.