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11. Salon

Heating and ventilation
 Elements of automatic system of heating (HAU)
 Check of work of system of heating and ventilation
 Replacement of the filter of the air coming to salon
 Fan of stitched air
 Search of malfunctions of the fan
 Removal of the electric motor of the fan
 Possible malfunctions of system of heating, their reason and ways of elimination
 Principle of operation of the conditioner
Power windows
 Search of malfunctions of window regulators
 Repair on the way
 Switches of electrowindow regulators
 Removal of the switch of the mechanism of an electrowindow regulator
Central blocking
 Opening in emergency
 Vacuum hoses
 Search of malfunctions in system of the central blocking
Adjustment of rear-view mirrors
 Check of the electric drive of adjustment of a rear view
 Dismantling of a rear-view mirror
Check of a heater of back glass
Removal of the radio tape recorder
Removal of loudspeakers
Replacement of lamps of internal lighting
 Replacement of other lamps
 Removal of front seats
 Removal of a back seat
 Removal of back head restraints
 Heating of seats
Check of seat belts
Removal of a ware box
Removal of facing of the lever of gear shifting on the central console
Removal of an ashtray
Removal of the central console
Removal of facing of the control unit of a heater
Removal of an upholstery of an average rack
Removal of an upholstery of a back rack
Removal of the back shelf
Removal of an upholstery under the dashboard
Removal of an upholstery in a zone of pedal knot

The interior of salon of the E-class is sustained in quiet, reserved style. In design smooth soft lines prevail. The driver's seat is well organized, devices are easily read, it is convenient to use governing bodies of a screen wiper, system of heating and ventilation, devices of lighting.
In the section works on maintenance and repair in salon which can be executed independently are described. The electrowindow regulator mechanism seldom works smoothly during all term of operation of the car. Quite often there is a need of replacement of the fused lighting lamp of salon or the failed contact switch for a door. However knowledge of the structure of salon is necessary not only for elimination of malfunctions. For example, for installation of a new upholstery of a seat it is necessary to be able to remove it from the car.