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12.11.1. Removal of a front bumper

1. Remove a protective lattice of additional fans (if it is established). For this purpose turn clamps on 90 °.
2. Install the car on support and disconnect sockets of connection of fog lights.
3. Unfasten temperature sensor on the left side of a bumper.
4. Turn off fastening of flaps in the field of a bumper.

Fig. 11.17. At assembly the bumper should be established horizontally on a cross beam (arrow) and to tighten bolts the moment of 20 N · m

5. Turn off bolts near a radiator aperture at the left and on the right (fig. 11.17).

Fig. 11.18. Thanks to movable clamps (shooter) it is possible to adjust a gap (5 mm) between a bumper and a body. Because of a mistake at the parking these clamps are usually damaged

6. Remove a bumper forward. Side corners of a bumper are fixed on a body through a movable clamp (fig. 11.18 and 11.19).

Fig. 11.19. Sideways the bumper is fixed in holders through so-called movable clamps