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12.11.2. Removal of a rear bumper


Fig. 11.20. For removal of an upholstery of a luggage carrier it is necessary to take out carefully sliding splines, inserting into them sideways the screw-driver

1. Remove a luggage carrier upholstery. It is necessary to begin with a plastic upholstery in a back part (fig. 11.20).
2. Unfasten all sliding splines the screw-driver with a thin core, putting forward their middle part a little. Carefully take out plug-in splines and along a luggage carrier edge. Remove the plate on the right.
3. Turn off on both sides two bolts which are in about 20 cm below back lamps.
4. If it is established, turn off also a bolt on the center of the car.
5. Turn out bolts of fastening of flaps in the field of a bumper.

Fig. 11.21. At the subsequent installation of a rear bumper you watch that the ends of a bumper before a wraparound of bolts of fastening were correctly established in landing openings (arrows)

6. Remove a bumper back (fig. 11.21).