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12.13.1. Removal of a forward door

1. Lower glass.

Fig. 11.23. Removal of an overlay of a threshold of a door by means of the suitable wide tool

2. Remove a protective slip on a door threshold (fig. 11.23). For protection of a body enclose fabric.

Fig. 11.24. After removal of a side upholstery (1) of space for legs access to vacuum (2) and to electric (3) sockets opens

3. Remove a side upholstery of space for legs (fig. 11.24). For this purpose carefully take out a cap of the screw and unscrew the screw with cross shliyets.
4. Disconnect sockets of an electrical wiring and vacuum hose.
5. Remove a door limiter cap. Turn off TORX bolt on a door rack.

Fig. 11.25. Loops and elements of fastening of a forward door to a body: 1 – bolts of fastening of loops on a forward rack; 2 – the developing sleeve for conducting; 3 – cap and consolidation of the limiter of a door; 4 – consolidation of a door; 5 – door limiter; 6 – TORX bolt for adjustment of a door

6. Turn off two bolts 1 (fig. 11.25) each loop on a door rack. Ask the assistant to hold the door which is taken away from a rack.
7. Take out a folding sleeve from a rack and disconnect the multicontact socket.
8. Remove a door.